Newsletter for Menevia

Newsletter for Summer/Autumn 2010

Dear Members and Friends

Please note there are Masses taking place in September at Cardigan and Newcastle Emlyn after all please check with assistant reps Tom and Elaine Sharpling on 01239 710411 or check with the Mass lists on this website.

Jeff Pillar Walk to Rome - arrived on the 26 June
Jeff Pillar the Menevia member of the Latin Mass Society set out with two others on a sponsored walk to Rome arrived in Rome on Saturday 26 June. The walk took 80 days and during this time Jeff faced a verity of challenges from wind and rain, to scorching heat, and even heavy snow as they climbed the Great St Bernard’s Pass in the Alps between Switzerland and Italy. He even needed to go into hospital with foot problems but he recovered well and after a week was able to resume his walk. When he arrived in Rome he got his pilgrimage passport stamped at the Vatican. Fr Michael Burk contacted the English College in Rome and Jeff was able to stay there a few nights to recover and even managed to attend the Papal Mass for SS Peter and Paul in St Peter’s Basilica. Fr Burk has celebrated the Latin Mass at Swansea Cathedral on the third Saturday of the month for many years. If you wish to sponsor Jeff please send a cheque made out to the Latin Mass Society to the LMS rep for Menevia Mr S Mazzeo, Waun Llydan, St David’s Well, Llananno, Powys, LD1 6YP. So far we have raised just under £566. We particularly wish to thank the Gowerton Prayer Group who regularly came together for payer for Jeff and for their kind donations. Jeff thanks everyone for their wonderful support.

The LMS pilgrimage to Our Lady of the Taper Cardigan – 23 May
The annual LMS pilgrimage to Our Lady of the Taper, Cardigan was on Whit Sunday, 23 of May. I wish thank all those at the shrine for their hospitality, the choir and servers for all their heard work. The MC was Sean Gemmil who at 15 years of age must be one of the youngest MCs in the country. We thank the rector of the Shrine, Fr Jason Jones for establishing this pilgrimage. The statue of Our Lady of the Taper will be presented to the Holy Father when he comes to Westminster, we understand that the Pope will then light the taper being held by the statue of Our Lady.

Latin Mass Society Pilgrimage In honour of St Winefride Holywell - July
I would like to express special thanks to all those who made up the Choir for the LMS pilgrimage to Holywell. This shows how well a parish choir can sing at a major pilgrimage event. The choir under the direction of Martin Strong has its nucleus at Newcastle Emlyn in South-West Wales was joined by others from different Welsh parishes, the organist was Luigi Dimaio.

We have sponsorship available for the Priest Training conference
A member of the LMS in Menevia has donated a sum of money to cover the cost of a priest to train at the Downside Abbey priest training conference. This is enough to cover all his expenses. The donor has also said that he may be able to cover the costs of two priests. Please contact Paul Waddington or myself to arrange finance for the training. There has also been another offer to cover the costs of his local parish priest. This year there was a bishop taking part.

Mgr Johnson donates three beautiful chasibuls to the LMS
On behalf of the LMS and all of our members and friends I would like to thank Mgr Johnson for donating to the Latin Mass Society three beautiful chasubles, this will form part of our Mass Sets. I continue to put together a Traditional Mass set of vestments, missals, altar cards, server cassocks and cottas etc. For which I thank you for all your kind donations of funds and items.

Latin Mass at St Therese of Lisieux, Port Talbot The Mass in the Extraordinary Form usually takes place on the Second Sunday of the Month at 5pm. Many thanks to Fr Brophy.

Latin Mass at Newcastle Emlyn The Mass in the Extraordinary Form (Missa Cantata) usually takes place on the thrid and the fifth Sunday (if there is one) of the Month at 3pm. Please see Mass lists for all Masses in Newcastle Emlym or call the LMS parish reps Tom and Elaine Sharpling if traveling on Tel: 01239 710411 to confirm.

Latin Mass at St Josephs Cathedral The Mass in the Extraordinary Form usually takes place on the third Saturday of the Month at 10.30am this Mass may be subject to change, please ring Rep on Tel01597 840634 to confirm.

LMS assistant Reps for Menevia and parish contacts for Our Lady of the Taper Cardigan and Our Lady Queen of Peace Newcastle Emlyn are Tom and Elaine Sharpling. Please contact them on 01239 710411

Please pray. For our members and supporters who feel the need of our prayers.

Large increase in Menevia LMS Membership
Since the Motu Proprio - Summorum Pontificum of the Holy Father in 2007 there has been a large increase in the membership of the Latin Mass Society in Menevia up 18%. We also have a large number of supporters who are not members who we are happy to continue to supply the local newsletter to. However, if you are one of these you may like to join the society, please contact the London address. So how about becoming a member helps us support and promote the Traditional Latin Mass. We do a lot more than I can put in this newsletter. Many thanks also to Fr Jason for the plug at the pilgrimage. I would also like to acknowledge all those who have kept the flame for the Tridentine Mass burning in Menevia over the years - to the members of the LMS, past reps Mr M Price and Mr K Lewis and to Mgr Johnson and Fr Burk for saying the Mass for many years.

Contact Paul Waddington on 01757 638027 or the LMS on 020 7404 7284

LMS Rep for Menevia, Stefano Mazzeo - Waun Llydan, St David's Well, Llananno, - Powys, LD1 6YP, Wales Tel:01597 840634

I am also currently overseeing Wrexham diocese for the LMS