Newsletter for Wrexham

Newsletter for Summer/Autumn 2010

Dear Members and Friends

The Latin Mass Society pilgrimage High Mass for St Winefride was a most wonderful occasion of all that is beautiful in the Church with a full congregation deep in prayer. The celebrant was Canon William Hudson (Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest), Father Michael Evan OSB, deacon, and Agnellus Murphy FI (Friars of the Immaculate, sub-deacon. Fr Agnellus agave a genital homily on the virtues of Chastity and it sister virtue Humility, Our Lady showing the children of Fatima the Fires of Hell, many souls sending themselves to this inferno for the sins of the flesh. He also mentioned the need to ask Our Mother to prepare our hearts with her heart to receive Holy Communion in a state of grace.
                The choir sang beautifully under direction of Martin Strong. The Rosary procession to the well was led by Canon Lorden where the choir sung the litany of St Winefride. Her 15th century hymn was while the veneration of her relic took place. Solemn Benediction Te Dieum The final procession many altar servers and the three Reverent Fathers, recessional hymn was in the Panting Heart of Rome a most uplifting and prayerful day was had by all.
                The Latin Mass Society’s pilgrimage Mass in honour of St Richard Gwyn, the LMS’s patron saint, will take place on Saturday 16th October at 12.00hrs at Wrexham Cathedral the celebrant will be Canon Lordan.
                It has been a most interesting year sadly I have become exhausted by taking on this extra work. What is most important is that all our diocesan priest learn to offer the Traditional Rite of the Church, to return to the beauty and grace of the most magnificent prayer this side of Heaven, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
                Yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary
                Mrs Simone Sunderland

Many thanks to Simone for all the work she has done in the last year, for info on Wrexham Masses please call Stefano Mazzeo on 01597 840634


LMS Pilgrimage to

Wrexham Cathedral

In honour of

St Richard Gwyn

Saturday 16 October

Low Mass 12.00hrs

celebrant will be Canon Lordan